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Fucked up.

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B e e t l e J u i c e

B e e t l e J u i c e

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I was just thinking about someone else touching you and now I can’t decide on whether I want to break their hands or my own.

i just want you all to myself, i’m sorry  (via bonhivers)

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Still am not. I’m living in a nightmare

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Lord knows i aint livin right 

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I want to marry you and annoy you for the rest of your life.

— (via buddhagiirl)

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I really want a future with you. I will be loyal. I will tell you I love you every time I feel it. I will correct you gently when you’re wrong and help you grow. I will sit and listen when you want no opinions and just support. I will celebrate your victories as my own. I will show you off to the world proudly. I will keep my promises. I will make it work on my end. I hope you do the same. Cause I really want a future with you. Imagine our children’s faces - they will probably have curls like mine and hazel eyes like yours. Our first apartment together will have art everywhere - some that we painted together and other pieces we might’ve found at garage sales or galleries that we loved. We have already vacationed but imagine the places we have never seen. Let’s visit Dubai in a few years. Imagine when we are old and fragile and still kissing like teens and cussing like sailors. Imagine when you get to reveal my face and kiss me at our wedding. Imagine telling the grand kids how we met. I will keep my promises. I will make it work on my end. Please do the same. I really want a future with you.

Skye Townsend (via skyetownsend)

Still relevant. 💫

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Some people will never “get you”. Do not spend eternity asking why. People will see you differently, just cherish those who lift your soul.

— Dodinsky (via psych-facts)

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